Last of April Updates

Whitney turned 1 on April 18th.  She had a big bash to celebate that weekend, but we kept it low key for her actual birthday.  Here she is opening her gift from Grandma.  We had to teach Tommy to open a gift, but she seemed to know exactly what to do with it!
 We took her to the park & she crawled all over the big sets like a toddler already!
 She loves slides & is pretty brave on the big ones for her age.
Whitney was very hesitant on walking after she took her first steps, but then she just started cruising everywhere a couple of weeks ago.  She is very much a girl & walks around gibbering to herself all day.  She loves trying to turn any little bag into a purse & is obsessed with playing & carrying around shoes.  She says most animals sounds, mama, dada, tah (Tommy), baby, duck, more, aa duh (all done), shoes, milk, baba, t-ta (thank you) and several words we can ask her to say & we are always surprised that she tries to mimick it right back.  She will be passing Tommy up in no time!!
She is Tommy's shadow & prefers him most of the time over both mom & dad.  She loves to wrestle with Tommy & when he's being silly she laughs and laughs at him.  She is the constant head bobber & loves to bang the back of her head against a chair or whoever's lap she's sitting on.  We are so lucky to have such happy kids!! :)

Now back to our updates.  During Vic's last haircut Tommy decided that he was going to be the one to do it.  He actually did pretty good & tried to be all detailed about it even though he didn't know what he was doing!
While my mom was here she wanted to see our free zoo so we took the kids down there.  Tommy of course had a hard time leaving the water fountains.

 He really thought it was great to be able to walk around & pet the goats & wallabies.

 And of course we had to ride the train!  It is actually a really good deal here.  We have paid way more for shorter rides other places so I'm glad we have this local one for him to enjoy.

And that wraps up our crazy busy April!  That will hopefully be our busiest month this year!

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

I had such a great trip coming to visit you. I liked the free zoo, and just being with your sweet family.