Whitney's Ladybug Birthday Party

My little ladybug turned 1!!!
When Tommy had his 1st birthday party I had a big party just because I finally had an excuse to throw a little kid party, but this time it meant so much more!  A first birthday party should be a big bash not only because your little one made so many changes, but because it is a victory for me for finishing that first year!  I love cute little babies, but that first year is so much work & lack of sleep that it is fun to have an official party to move onto the wild toddler stage! ...which she is not wasting any time getting to.  She tries to imitate any single words we say & does pretty good! Also, now that she has learned to run a little she loves chasing & being chased by Tommy.  Here is my beauty in her ladybug gear! 
 Hehe, she was so cute in this outfit & little wand! :)
Here is the invite I sent out:
 Here is the treat table.  I guess I should have pulled out my shelving to de-clutter it a bit.
 I thought the banner turned out really cute, but it was way too much work since I don't have a cricut I cut out each shape & letter by hand!
 Here is her pictures from birth to 1 year.  Those circle streamers are so easy & festive.  You just punch a bunch of circles & sew them together with your sewing machine. It goes really fast.
 I can't ever get enough of tutus everywhere!
 Whitney is CRAZY about cake.  She grabbed up her cake & had it eaten in about 2 handfuls!!
 Happy birthday girl afterwards!
 I am not usually a cake fan, but this cake was HEAVEN!  I saw it on the front of a magazine 2 years ago & have saved it ever since! Yum, yum :)
 Here's a close up of treats on the treat table.  I had such a hard time trying to decide which pictures to post on here. Left: Twizzler bouquet, Center:honeydew w/ ladybug strawberries, Right: oreo & cream cheese cupcakes w/ cute little birthday labels. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of my "antennas" (pretzel rods dipped in caramel & then chocolate w/ polka dots on it)
 Marsmallow pops & Oreo Pops.  The oreo truffle pops were to die for!
 We had hamburgers & hotdogs to go with the picnic theme then I had these sides ladybug crackers (tomato, olive, & chive cream cheese), ants on a log, bumblebee juice (lemonade), & ladybug juice (strawberry kiwi crystal light), ladybug fruit cabobs, and then PB&J sandwiches although all the kids were too excited to eat dinner so I'm glad I didn't make very many!
 Kiersten was a very good helper & helped make the ants on a log from start to finish. (Her older sister got bored after making one for herself!)
I only got a picture at the end of my family that was able to be there, but I wish I had taken one with everyone!  Everyone was fun & festive in their black & red. Below is my mom from Idaho, brother's family from St. Louis, & my cousin's family from here in Indiana (they are going so school here).
Here is a picture of most of the party kids in their ladybug antennas
Most projects I do I get bored & want it done with, but I had so much fun makin the kids treat bags!  They ended up so much cuter than planned!  The picture below the bags is all the goodies: pills that turn into bugs in water, antenna headbands I made, ladybug cookie, ladybug suction jumping toys, ladybug bubbles, ladybug lipgloss rings, & red candy.
Also we played a little "pin the dot on the ladybug".  My neices & Tommy was so excited to play this before the party, but it got cut short by some major throw up!!
Here is Whitney's birthday present from us.  She really loved it.  It didn't seem like she was as good on her feet as Tommy was at 1 until I saw her jumping around in this thing.
Here's Whitney playing in the bounce house we gave Tommy last year for his first birthday present.  She loved having all the 2 year old boys to run around after.
I love watching kids play with their party balloons!  She dragged these around the house for a week before I got rid of them!
One last picture of my SUPER HAPPY PARTY GIRL!!!


KJ Ramsey said...

You are so creative! What a cute theme :) And Happy Birthday to Whitney!

Will and Heidi said...

Like I always say, you sure do know how to throw a party! Fancy Nancy for sure!! :)

Ben and Becky said...

I just love her. she was such a happy girl. We loved the lady bug theme, as you probably know. The girls are still talking about it.

The Dooley Family said...

Oh my wow! You are supermom! You put all us other mom's to shame with our parties, lol. Happy Birthday Whit! I can't believe she's already one! Time flies! We have a new blog address: Love ya!

Vicky Van Sickle said...

I loved being there to celebrate Whitney's 1st Birthday. You had so many fun and creative ideas. But I feel like I was invisible since I was not mentioned at all on our week long preparations.

Burdick Family said...

What an adorable party for an adorable little girl! Wish we were closer and could have come to celebrate!

Melissa said...

AMAZING! I cannot believe how good everything turned out! Very impressive. I loved lots of things about it, but those pictures of her each month for her first year were SO cute. You're really good taking pictures. I had no idea there were so many lady-bug themed foods. It looks like the party was a huge hit and I'm sad that we missed it.