Easter Egg Hunt

HAPPY late EASTER!!! Easter is one of my favorite holidays for several reasons: Christ's sacrifice, spring & everything coming to life, gorgeous little girls dressed up like princesses, candy, chocolate covered rice crispy eggs, egg dying, family gatherings, egg hunts, and presents!
Here is my little Whitney dressed up. I LOVED all of the sweet ruffles on her dress, bloomers, & socks. I never thought I'd be one for so many ruffles, but they are so SWEET on a newborn :) Vic thinks she is making some weird pose, but it's all I got so here you go!
Look at Kara on the right, being a normal kid decorating her boiled egg. Now see what my son does:

He poked his little finger in as far as he could get it on 3 eggs in a row!!!

Then tore them up into shreds!!!

Tommy had a little practice with opening the eggs & finding treats so when he saw all of the eggs out in the yard he ran out there before we said go for all of the kids.

He was so distressed when we pulled him back so that we could get a picture of him & his cousins together! (Hence his happy smiling cousins & his mad little face) I have to add that these girls had absolutely gorgeous Easter dresses, but we had to celebrate a week late so that is why they are wearing jeans!

Since this was their 3rd hunt they were professional egg grabbers!

Here is Tommy & Evie finding their eggs in the "baby eggs" half of the yard. (I put freeze dried yogurt things & puffs in their eggs)

Here is Tommy & his egg bucket. He didn't want to put any eggs in there because he wanted to eat whatever was inside as soon as he found it!

I kept trying to put eggs in his basket & he would carry it for about 30 seconds before dumping it out & trying to open all of the eggs! Here is Tommy meeting his first set of golf clubs....

Who would have thought it would be his favorite gift! We bought these for $5 and a mini baby slide for $100 and what do you think he spends all of his time with?!?.... the $5 clubs of course!
He loves to hit anything around with his new clubs. He has quite the hacking swing, it is hilarious :)

Here is Evie (9 months old) trying to pick up a yogurt that dropped out of her egg. It took quite a bit of effort & eating some grass along with it to finally get it in her mouth!

Tommy was about this same age when he fell in love with suckers (he stole them from our Halloween bowl) so I thought Evie was ready for her first one. Here she is sticking the stick in her mouth....

...but she figured it out what to do with it pretty quick-sucking through the wrapper and all... and I was right-she loved it. (even though her mom & dad probably didn't love it as much!)
The Easter Bunny hid my basket on top of the patio so I made him, I mean Vic, get it down for me!!

Tommy finding one of his presents... my family goes pretty crazy on Easter & it's almost like Christmas!!

I thought Grandpa Miller would be proud to see that all of his grandkids knew exactly what to do with a tool set! ...even Tommy that had never held a screwdriver before!

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Will and Heidi said...

I'm glad Tommy liked ripping through his eggs! Ha ha ha!!