Mr. Copycat

Tommy's latest thing is copying everything Vic or I do. This kid cracks me up all day long, but some things are just WAY funnier than others. My favorite this week was when he saw I diaper I just changed on Whitney & he picked it up and ran off with it. I chased after him & he hurried & threw it down the stairs. At first I wanted to tell him "no!", but then I realized he was just being "helpful"! Haha, I don't trust the diaper genie so whenever one of the kids are poopy & I don't want to haul them all downstairs to throw out a stinky diaper I throw it to the landing in the middle of our stairs so that it doesn't stink up the upstairs, but it is in the way so I don't forget to grab it on my way down. Anyway, funny how they are always watching & ready to copy whatever we do! The pictures below cracked me up so I just HAD to share! Here he is copying Vic/Daddy if you can't tell!
The title of this picture is:

"Excuse me while I text my people."

...make a few phone calls...
...and then do the booty dance because I just realized that mom & dad are laughing at me & I love to put on a show!

...and then later he decided to be like mommy so while I was trying to plant he came & pushed me out of the way so he could dig his own flower holes!

This one doesn't show anything,but Vic took it & I like the angle & pose :)

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Mandy said...

Nancy I love all your updates. Could your kids get any more precious?! Seriously, you and Vic make great babies.
I can't believe how much Tommy has grown. Is he really old enough to walk?! ( I know, I know, he's been walking for a long time now, but REALLY? ) It's CRAZY!! He is such a little stud muffin.
Whitney is beautiful Nancy. Oh my goodness. She totally melts my heart. It's a good thing you had Tommy before her so he can protect her from all the boys. HEEE, HEEE.
You are a wonderful mother, wife and friend. I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the fun things you and your family are experiencing. Wish I lived closer!
Much love