Sutherland Easter

I thought I better add our Sutherland Easter on here too. You wouldn't think by my blog that we do much with them, but it's just that we see them so often that I never think to take my camera along to take pictures. Aunt Jessica (my sister-in-law) did an egg hunt for the kids & some of the eggs had puzzle pieces in them. Here they are putting the puzzle together. It was a picture of Christ & a kid on his lap. Vic & I both thought that it was a really cute idea we may take in the future :)

Afterwards, Vic did his own hunt with only a few eggs with a "grand prize" remote control robot thing or princess chess of bedroom decorations. Here is all of the kids lined up ready to go on the search.

It is always mass chaos with these kids so I just love pictures of them running all over the place. I also love that the 14-17 year olds ran around with just as much excitement & enthusiasm as the 5 year olds!

Here is a better picture of some of the younger ones:

Vic hid the egg that said grand prize a little too well so we had to give them a hint as to where it was so it was mass chaos of frantic looking in one spot at the end!

One look at these pictures & it gives you a good idea of the madness that always surrounds Sutherland get togethers... another reason I never get any pictures! He comes from a family of 8 kids that mostly live around here & my Whitney is the 26th grandkid... with plenty more still to come! (not from us, but other siblings :)

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Will and Heidi said...

easter egg hunts look like fun!