Okay, I haven't posted on here for awhile so I thought I'd do 4 posts at once so be prepared to read, read, read!!!
I thought I'd start off with a few random shots around the house. Here is the sight that we see several times a day at our house. Tommy LOVES his baby sister & every time it gets quiet we know to run & see where Whitney is because Tommy is probably trying to give her loves, pick her up, or kiss her... which is usually smashing her & waking her up!

We have gotten lots of loving gifts for Miss Whitney. Tommy was tickled pink whenever someone gave us a gift for him too or a gift that will be for both of them. Here he is right after opening a book from my Aunt.

I thought I would only dress my girl in all pink all of the time, but after seeing her in this adorable sleep sack my sister-in-law Becky made us & another brown outfit, I've decided that BROWN of all colors is my favorite on her!!

Vic was of course the best husband on Mother's Day. I woke up to him giving me a massage, breakfast in bed, and when I came down to the kitchen this is what was waiting for me:

My card sang a song when you opened it and Tommy thought that was the greatest thing ever. Makes me want to find a singing book! Here he is so happily dancing to the song on top of his "stage" ...aka.. my new outdoor patio swing!

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Will and Heidi said...

so fun to see these pictures! I like that little arm chair Tommy is sitting in